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     Vizio                                                                  1P-013CX00-2011                                    0160AP03100                                                          Main Video Board for Tv Model-E600i-B3                                        Price- $44.99+Shipping                                              Sku-A090

Board Model- 1P-013CX00-2011

Board sticker label- 0160AP03100

S/N- 0160CP03100

Tv Models- E600i-E3

Type- Main Video Board

Shipping Weight- 1lb via USPS & International

Price- $64.99+Shipping cost

Price- $44.99+Shipping cost Priority Mail 2-5 day shipping

SKU- A090

Please see the Product/Description Policy Page for Purchase Policies. All returns are subject to a 15% Re-Stocking Fee If Replacement is an available part can be replaced at our expense. All Products have a 14 Day Guarantee. Shipping Cost Depend on USPS charges within the USA, International Rates are higher; We Try to charge as cheapest possible and don't want to profit from shipping. Great Competitive Prices and Fast Reliable Shipping.

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