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Main Video Circuit Boards

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Our Boards come from broken units that are mostly new, semi-new, or older models. All these boards come from good working units that were broken from the screen or damage units and are devalued but parts are worth and in working conditions. These boards have been tested and carefully stock with anti-static envelopes to protect electronic circuits and components. A re-stocking fee will be applied for all refunds. shipping cost will automatically be non-refundable on the refund process only the item cost can be refunded please be advised before purchasing items an expect a full refund. Some items have a 15% restocking fee.


Most products have a 14/30/60 day guarantee. The type of guarantee will be posted on every single product's page.


Packaging & Shipping

All Boards are packaged with Premium Anti-Static Chrome Envelopes 12"X13.5", Our envelopes are designed to keep your board from static electricity Discharge & waterproof; Protects our products at its highest quality. All Boards are cardboard padded on both sides of the item to secure it from damages and electromagnetic discharges, Boards also are ship with bubble wrap envelopes. We offer Great Premium Service and products at competitive prices.


Shipping process- All items have a 24 hrs handling and shipping process.


International returns- All international returns do not have a refund process.

the cost of shipping will be greater than the cost of the board.


Special overnight shipping- for special accommodations a shipping cost of $29.99 will be applied to any board that needs to be ship overnight. Please contact us before purchasing the item if you want overnight shipping.


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Phone: (323)408-9672



Fast Reliable Shipping and Great Competatitive Prices. Our Boards are Tested and Come From New, semi-new, Used or Broken Units. 

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